milko August 4, 2018
Derby Dress Codes

If you’re attending a horse racing event, you have to ensure that you stick to the dress code specified. This varies according to the event you are attending. Also, the season in which the event is conducted determines the kind of clothing you are allowed to wear. Let’s have a look at some of the popular dress codes to help you get an idea:

  1. The Royal Ascot Dress Code:
    The Royal Ascot Dress Code mainly depends on the kind of enclosure you are in. If you are in the Royal enclosure, there are some pretty strict rules; otherwise, the rules are relaxed for other enclosures.
  2. Rules for the Royal Enclosure:


Knee-length or longer dresses

Straps of dresses and tops to be broader than one inch.

Full-length jumpsuits and trouser suits are acceptable

Hats must be worn; Fascinators are banned.

Midriffs must be covered.

Apart from the Royal Enclosure, the ladies are allowed to wear shorter dresses and top them with fascinators in other enclosures.

  1. For the men in the Royal enclosure:

A suit, waistcoat and a tie.

Black or grey hat

Black shoes, socks are essential.

Away from this Enclosure, men can opt not to wear the hat and waistcoat, but a tie is mandatory.



  1. Kentucky Derby Dress Code:
    The Kentucky Derby dress Code is very relaxed. It’s all about the hats here – so you have to dress up simple to ensure your hat gets all the attention! And because this event is held in spring, bring out the colours of spring with your bright, vibrant and floral patterned dresses. Spring heels or sandals are perfect to complete your look – but it is advisable to carry a pair of flats too – in case your heels cannot tolerate the terrain!
  2. The Epsom Derby Dress Code:

Here, the ladies are expected to wear a tailored trouser suit or a formal day dress that has to be paired with a hat that has a substantial fascinator.
For men, it has to be a black or grey morning suit, with a waistcoat and top hat.
These are the rules if you are in the privileged Queen’s stand.

Other than the Queens’s stand, the dress code is pretty cool – even jeans (That are not torn or ripped) can be worn.


  1. The Glorius Goodwood Dress Code:
    It’s an event occurring in summer, so summer wedding attire is welcomed. Jeans, sleeveless tops, shorts are banned. The elite Gordon and Lennox Enclosure expect men to be dressed in a jacket with a tie. For ladies, the rule is simple – Dress to impress!

There you go! Dress, to impress!