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Different Types of Design Styles for Your Home

When it comes to designing your home on the inside, there is a lot to take into consideration. Everything from choosing the right colour for your living space, to choosing whether you should add a hardwood floor, or tile floor to your kitchen, can add to the interior decision-making process of your home.

Before choosing the right colour or floor, however, you first need to choose a style for your home. This decorative style will add to the interior design of your entire home and will create the effect you’re looking for.

The 4 Most Interesting Styles for Interior Design

Arts and Crafts

Furniture drawn from an inspiration such as arts and crafts initiative has become popular in the U.S, drawing inspiration from the last century. The majority thereof being influenced by the war.

Having a look at the arts and crafts designed interior style, it doesn’t include much extensive decorative effect. It rather showcases specific pieces and materials, that are put together, as well as compliment each other perfectly.

When it comes to architecture, there are also a few popular artists that inspired a shift in arts and crafts, which are also, to this day, implemented and added into modern homes.

Coastal Decorative Interior Styles

Who doesn’t like a good beach-inspired interior design?

Coastal decorative interior styles often consist of a colour palette that ranges from the whitest of whites to deepest of blues. Think air, the clouds, the ocean, as well as the effect of a breeze left on your skin, with a view of the lighthouse in an art piece or adding shells decorative accessories to a home.

This decorative style allows for a calming effect in any home and is also perfect for a house at the beach itself, a coastal city, or even far away from the ocean. Who said you couldn’t create the effect of being at the beach anywhere in the world?

Country Themes

Now, if you live in the U.S, you’ll fancy a country theme. Think a farm-worthy type of lifestyle, paired with warm colours and a whole lot of rustic, yet polished wood.

Adding pottery, hand-made metal art pieces and vintage patterns, as well as baskets never looked as fun before. Don’t stop there though; you could also add floral patterns and pops of colour to brighten up the entire effect.

A Contemporary, Modern Interior Effect

If you like a more simple, well-structured, clean home, why not choose a contemporary-styled home.

You can choose from a wide range of sleek furniture, metal frames, different shapes and forms of furniture, along with a whole lot of solid colours.

Another great way to put a contemporary interior style together is to add various elements of graphic art or single pops of colour in a neutral coloured room palette.

Developing Technology Trends in 2018

While 2017 was a great year with tons of technology influences, 2018 has set the bar for continuous growth in the industry, as well as unapologetic innovation.

With an incredible year of change behind us, there is a lot of progress that needs to be acknowledged. It includes everything from the development of ICO’s, algorithms that created a coding language that was difficult to understand, to say the least, as well as the design of technology, such as Amazon’s still-ongoing project, Alexa.

Technology is improving at a constant, and rapid, pace and is also getting better with the decade. It has changed the way we spend our daily lives, amplified our experiences and radically changed the way we work.

Technology is constantly developing, and while this might seem like a scary idea to some, it is inevitable. Steering away from the negative side of technology can be, however, the following technologies allows for great promise, not only for 2018 but the future that awaits us too.


Creating a massive hype in the world of ICO’s and most of all, cryptocurrencies, people are predicting that Blockchain will mature and ICO’s will die down. Raising a total of $3.6 billion, ICO’s have resulted in many scams that caused users to lose money.

Entering 2018, ICO’s continued to grow at a rapid pace but has quickly slowed down. It is due to governments taking legal and regulatory action, as they are finally concluding as per the impact ICO’s have on the economy, as well as the innovation platform of technology.

Artificial Intelligence

The idea of getting jobs done, without the help of individuals adding data to computers or databases, are becoming more of a reality each day.

This is the part where people pause and think to themselves, is it worth it, or are humans about five more developments, like this, away from disrupting humanity and having control over technology?

Thanks to the success of the AlphaGo Zero in 2017, the development of such data input is in progress, as we speak.

Data Ownership

Due to implementing distributed ledger technology, there is now a lot more access to the control of data ownership, which allows for control for the creator of content, as well as data, which is used instead of the platforms that initially created it.

This development will allow consumers to have full control and easily monetise their data. It will also enable organisations to share proprietary data with their competitors, as well as their industry partners, without the expense of losing their data to others. They will thus have a lot more control of their data and be able to protect it against theft, which is all thanks to the General Data Protection Regulation, which will be enforced in 2018 and change the manner of how companies protect their date.

Creative ways to Decorate your Kitchen

You cannot find a more fabulous place to gather, than the kitchen. The kitchen is our favourite place for listening to each other, laughing and drinking a cup of tea or coffee together. It is a place of action. In the heart of our home is where we entertain people and prepare our meals.

Before making any changes to your kitchen. You must consider the way you are living. If you love entertaining in the kitchen, you can decorate your kitchen in a way that enhances your pleasure. There are creative ways to renovate your kitchen.

If you are short on space, you can consider hanging floating shelves to hold your used tools and accessories. Hang storage racks from the ceiling for commonly used pots and pans.

To instantly update your kitchen, you can give your cabinets a fresh coat of paint. Play around with colours. Painting techniques and different types of colour can make a massive difference to the overall look of your walls and your cabinets. If you are tired of the colour on the cabinets, and the wood is still good, consider removing it with paint stripper and then preserve the natural beauty of the timber. By stripping the paint, you will give your kitchen a more rustic look or country feeling. Wood adds warmth and personality.

If you have a modern lifestyle, embrace bold colours with vanilla white as a contrast colour. The rest of your accessories or appliances can have the same vibrant colour for visual effect. Your modern kitchen becomes warm by placing a lovely rug on the floor. Hang a pair of chandeliers from the ceiling to bring that extra warmth into the room.

Use every inch of space for storage. If you have loads of shelving, you can back it up with wallpaper and give it a decorative touch so that it will match your style.

The open plan kitchen which opens into the central living area is a beautiful space to decorate. Placing a lovely sizeable sized table for family entertainment with a gorgeous hanging lampshade will make a huge difference.

When you choose an island for your kitchen, choose one that will be practical. The island must give extra seating and one that fits the style of your cabinets. A great looking island brings style and glamour to any kitchen.

Create a balanced flow when a few rooms spill into the kitchen. Use a simplified colour palette. Slashes of fresh colours will make it attractive. Use cushions and fabrics to enhance the look.

Keep yourself updated by doing proper research on how to decorate your home. It is fun to do something different and renovating the kitchen is a fantastic project for the whole family.



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