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6 Top Tips To Optimising Your New Leather Sofa Selection

milko April 3, 2020

Optimising your new leather sofa selection does not take too much effort. These grand designs give customers the best of both worlds, providing first-class sofa fabrics that are super comfortable and prestigious without carrying the weight and inflexibility of traditional creations. Before rushing into a purchase, why not take a glance at our 6 top […]

6 Top Tips To Optimising Your New Leather Sofa Selection

leather sofa

Optimising your new leather sofa selection does not take too much effort.

These grand designs give customers the best of both worlds, providing first-class sofa fabrics that are super comfortable and prestigious without carrying the weight and inflexibility of traditional creations.

Before rushing into a purchase, why not take a glance at our 6 top tips to really making the most out of your upcoming leather sofa selection?


Tip 1: Think About Your Room Placement & Purpose First

The first strategy that consumers should use to optimise their leather sofa purchase is understanding where it should be placed and what role it will have. The good news is that there is complete flexibility with where it can be positioned, but some foresight is needed to really maximise the investment and identify where it will be used and why it is more valuable than an ottoman, a loveseat or a classic lounge. Some shoppers do love those traditional options, but there are many others who come to the realisation that they love the flexibility more.


Tip 2: Create Brand Shortlist

In order to get your hands on the best leather sofa set possible, it is important to know which suppliers are worthy of your business. Run an online check, read reviews and determine which outlets rank highest, which ones enjoy a higher rating and which domains receive the best feedback from their constituents. This is a goldmine of data waiting at your fingertips, allowing the shopper to assess who performs best for quality, price and long-term performance.


Tip 3: Invest in Durable Fabrics

To get maximum amount of value for money with your leather sofa investment, it is beneficial to select a fabric brand that happens to be durable. We quickly overlook how much wear and tear these items can be exposed to, seeing children, pets and even adults breakdown these valuable assets from day to day. Especially when they are exposed to stains and rips, it is only a matter of time before they have to be repaired or replaced entirely. To lower that time period and to have a product that truly lasts, it is beneficial to select a brand that is showcased by a microfiber, leather or synthetic selection.


Tip 4: Be Colour Conscious

Why select a costly leather sofa design if the colour is completely out of whack with the rest of the room? These products should be complimentary to help set the scene instead of needlessly drawing the eye. On one hand there are cool neutral tones that will be perfect for sleek modern household, offering beige, white, magnolia, blue, purple black and green items. Then there are the warm colours that help to provide a vibrancy to the space, namely the golds, browns, reds and yellows.


Tip 5: Don’t Feel Fixed To One Role or Position

The great joy about investing in a new leather sofa design is that it can be switched and maneuvered to meet the needs of the room. So while you might fall in love with having the item arranged in the fireplace corner, there could be more space that opens up around the television set? Perhaps the lamp and carpet can be moved to improve reading conditions? This is an asset that opens up all manner of possibilities, so think of the living room as a blank canvas.


Tip 6: Secure a Safe Delivery Method

As consumers do their due diligence to purchase the perfect leather design, they can be undone if there is not a safe delivery method instigated. This is where shoppers can see brands torn, ripped, stained, broken and completely compromised because there was no care given to the transportation of the product from point A to point B. Rather than falling victim to this rookie error, clients should ensure they have a safe delivery method to leverage for their own purposes.



Why Homeowners Should Have a Wasp Exterminator on Call


Having a wasp exterminator on call offers homeowners peace of mind.

When their presence can threaten the well-being of local residents, it is necessary to take swift and immediate action.


Experience Dealing With Wasp Problems

No matter what the environment, terrain or season, an experienced wasp exterminator can work wonders for local constituents. Without having to rely on amateur tutorials or advise from supermarkets and DIY outlets, these exterminators will know what they are working with, what the issue is and how quickly they can administered a solution. Many residents can encounter issues with these pests without the knowledge of how they operate or knowing where they hide. With these professionals on call, nothing will be left to chance as they have an in-depth understanding for their behaviours and habits.


Killing Pests Quickly & Effectively

One of the best advantages of having a quality wasp exterminator just a call away is addressing the issue quickly and effectively. Thanks to a range of heat treatments that kill the pests on mass, there is no need to micromanage the project is a long and protracted fashion. The same principle applies to the efficient cleanup process, ensuring that there is not a spread of dead bugs littered across the premises. Time is often of the essence in these circumstances in order for residents to feel safe and secured, providing a pathway for community members who want their home restored to its original setting before the pests spread.


Utilising Right Equipment & Treatments

Identifying the bugs in question is a central focus for local wasp exterminator, pointing them to the right types of equipment, treatments and sprays that they have access to. They will respond to different strategies differently depending on their species and their location, but there will be a range of heat treatments, safe pesticides, sprays, powders and chemicals that will get the job done. Although some of these cheaper products could be purchased off the shelf, there is no telling whether or not they will be applicable for the home or to avoid a major cleanup operation from taking place.


Protecting Health & Safety of Residents

When residents don’t have a reliable wasp exterminator on call, they can very well find themselves in unwanted situations that impact upon their health and safety. These practitioners use the right pesticides without placing constituents in unnecessary harm. If there are chemicals, powders and sprays that are liberally applied across the house, there is every chance that young children and pets can be infected. This is a process that might require short-term removal from the premises, ensuring that no one is adversely impacted by the treatments that will root out and kill the pests.


Saving Costs

Homeowners who have a reliable wasp exterminator on speed dial find that they save on their bottom line when using these services. Unlike neighbours and other community members who have to run extensive renovation projects and fumigation programs to remove the pests from the premises, these experts have a low footprint and perform at a respectable price. There will be individuals who see these vermin spread deep inside the lounges, couches and beds where they are entrenched into the fibers and decide that the best course of action is consigning these investments into the trash. The good news is that these valuables can be protected if urgent action is taken.


These advantages are at the disposal of local constituents who have a reliable wasp exterminator expert on call. Homeowners are advised to seek out neighbours, friends, family members, colleagues and online forums to see which outlet has a strong reputation and who is available for a free quote.


What You Need to Know About MC4 Connector to Battery Components


A MC4 connector to battery component is used to join solar panels – usually large ones. This article demystifies them and the process of using them.


What they are, exactly

Standing for Multi-Contact, 4mm diameter pin, they consist of a single-contact electrical cable. They are used to create strings of solar panels, made by plugging each one together using a special tool. This tool ensures that they don’t come apart if pulled. These cables have been used universally since around 2011, and come at a maximum rating of 1500V.



Smaller panels don’t tend to need a MC4 connector to battery component, but bigger ones do. Initially, people would simply open the back of their solar panel and use a crude wire to attach it to the terminals. The problem with this was that they were limited to a mere 50V, and risked issues like corrosion, water damage and mechanical stress.

To combat this, researchers introduced slightly better wires which were able to be legally linked by any person. And in 2008, an update to the United States’ National Electrical Code meant that solar panel linkages needed what is called “positive locking”, which means that they should be able to be separated later after the initial linking via a tool. This inspired the invention of the MC4 connector to battery component. But one of the biggest manufacturers at the time, Radox, refused to meet these specifications, and as a result ended up falling out of the market. Tyco emerged as a market leader for the new cables, but eventually got pushed out of the market because of poor design choices.

This is when the Multi-Contact brand thrived, by introducing their now-esteemed MC4 connector to battery component, which is still used worldwide today. Their success was largely due to providing customers with products which were cross-compatible with a range of vendors.


How it works

The cable system uses a socket and plug design. These components are located inside a male and a female plastic shell. The female part consists of two plastic prongs which must be pressed into the central probe’s holes where the male part is. Upon linking them together, they reach a small gap in the male part’s side, which then clicks together and becomes locked.

In order to maintain a good fit and effective seal, the MC4 connector to battery component needs to be used – ideally by an electrician – with a cable which is the proper diameter. This cable should be double-insulated and sun-resistant in order to protect it from the elements. They are usually attached using soldering or crimping techniques.


Safety guidelines

A MC4 connector to battery component should have solid low-contact resistance thanks to the ongoing spring pressure. It is essential to never adjust or remove them while they are under load, no matter if it is a low or high-voltage system. If you do this, an electric arc could appear and melt and damage the component, leading to overheating. This occurs in part due to the DC arcing while the AC turns itself off. Be wary of using generic brand manufacturer’s products, which may say that they are compatible but mightn’t conform to safety guidelines and requirements in order to possess stability and safety.

So there you have it – a MC4 connector to battery component is an important part of any small solar panel linking project. Ensure that you purchase a high-quality, authentic product and read the instruction manual before using it. This will help you stay safe and uphold the integrity of the product and its materials.

How To Make STD Testing Less Awkward For People

STD test through blood sample

The topic of STD testing, (sexually transmitted diseases), is one that can be uncomfortable for many people to talk about. Because of the stigmas associated with casual sex and the use of safe sex measures (like condoms), many people go untreated or wait until symptoms become severe before they swallow their pride and show their genitals to a doctor or pursue some kind of pathology screening.

STD testing is incredibly important in order to identify infections in their early stages and give people treatment/isolate them from others so that they don’t spread said infections. Many people might avoid going to their doctor because they feel embarrassed that they made a poor sexual choice (like having unprotected sex with a stranger) which is often the catalyst for the spread of infections like HIV, the clap and herpes to name a few.

Let’s take a look at some measures that can help make STD testing less awkward and embarrassing so that people are not afraid to get screenings and ensure public health.


1.   Let people talk to doctors online

With the rise of telehealth services, it’s easy for someone to log on and speak to a doctor via video chat about getting a request for STD testing of some kind. All someone needs to do is download the telehealth app and connect with a doctor through an online call where they can use a webcam to visually diagnose you and listen to your symptoms.

woman researching on her laptop

The obvious benefit of this is that people no longer need to call a clinic, speak to a receptionist, wait in a waiting room then confront the doctor face-to-face. The entire aforementioned process can induce anxiety in people or simply be so inconvenient that they procrastinate getting STD testing (which is really bad for obvious reasons).

This means that someone who is concerned they might need STD testing can get a request for it via a doctor online and don’t have to travel somewhere feeling embarrassed. With this option, a lot more people who think they need a screening will be diligent about getting it and therefore will help stop the spread of whatever they may be infected with.


2.   Show the statistics/educate people

One thing that often makes people feel less worried about the prospect of STD testing is when they are educated about how prevalent these infections are and that more people struggle with them than you might think. Because many people are not properly educated on sexually transmitted infections, their early warning signs, how they spread or how serious they can be, many of them find the whole thing scary and confusing to deal with.

When someone has a drunk night out and wakes up next to a stranger, they often panic thinking about if they used protection or not and if they have been exposed to something that needs STD testing. Commonly, people’s misunderstandings about HIV and AIDS lead them to think they have transmitted a deadly disease and that there is no hope for them, when early detection and treatment are essential for defeating the disease.


3.   Talk about it more openly on TV and in print

While society has been loosening it’s sensibilities around casual sex, it is still treated as a very private thing that people are meant to have a degree of shame about. This causes STD testing to be seen as a negative obligation rather than a forward-thinking public health measure.

Hopefully the above has given you more insight on how to make STD testing less awkward for everyone in society.

Create Experiences That You Will Always Remember By Booking A Family African Safari

giraffes on the wild

Depending on who you talk to, people will usually have some kind of advice they give, especially as they grow older. For instance, when people feel like they are in the last decade of their life, they will aim to share as much wisdom as they can before they move on to the next adventure. Usually, there are a few things in common that people will talk about as they reflect on their year on this planet.

For instance, many people will say that they regret working so much and that they spent too much time with their family. Others may say that they wish that they travelled more and then there are some who wish that they took better care of their health. Another thing that people commonly talk about is the fact that they wish that they did more things instead of accumulating more stuff. And so because of this, here is how you can create experiences that you will always remember by booking a family African safari.


When you create experiences that you will always remember by booking a family African safari, you are spending your money more wisely than if you had purchased a possession

With so many advertising in this day and age, it isn’t a surprise to know that people think they are going to find happiness in making purchases. While it can certainly feel good when people buy something new, this feeling is often short-lived, especially when they lose that item, when they want to replace it with something new, or even when it breaks. This is why it is so important for people to focus less on what they own and their status, and to focus more on creating a life that they can proudly look back on when they are older.

This can easily be done when people are willing to get out of their comfort zone and to try something that they may not do in their normal life. Better yet, people can get their whole family involved or their friends to make the experience even more memorable. This is why it is so imperative that you are able to create new experiences and one way to do this is by booking a family African safari.


You are able to create an experience that you will always remember by booking a family African safari because you will be doing something outdoors

As most things are done online in this day and age, people are spending more time indoors on their computer than they are spending time outside. Even though it is totally natural for humans to be out in the elements, this has now become almost a novelty because it is becoming so rare. For instance, people are more likely to share photos of themselves taking a hike as this is something that they might not usually do.

As this is the case, it can be a great move to book something that will allow people to create a memorable experience that is conducted outdoors. For whatever reason, there is just more on an exciting feeling when people are amongst nature as well as animals. And so, you are able to create an experience that you will always remember by booking a family African safari because you will be doing something outdoors and because you won’t be investing in yet another possession. As a side note, getting a fantastic photo can also be a great way to remember exciting activities such as this one when you’re older.


How to Manage Nursing Home Costs For Retirees

old woman in a wheelchair

Retirees who are looking to manage their nursing home costs might not know where to begin with such a process.

Amid all of the assessments, tests, consultations and application papers, it is easy to see where constituents can become confused even with the aid of a partner or close family member.

By taking some commonsense steps and understanding what items are applicable and what are not, it is easier to establish a plan of attack.

Let us take time to outline how nursing home costs can be best managed for Australian retirees.


Assess Essential Aged Care Costs

There will be differences that are involved for participants who are calculating nursing home costs depending on their circumstances, whether they need to move or if they are simply acquiring additional support to their current living conditions. Fortunately there are means of assessing these costs just by being aware of their existence. From income tested fees to means tested fees and types of transactions that are designated to constituents moving to an aged home like accommodation and daily fees, these elements will be considered on a case-by-case basis depending on the requirements of the recipient.


old manFind Some Saving Concessions

Outside of high-end clients who have the wealth to fund a range of activities that fall within nursing home costs, there will need to be some concessions found to fund many of these activities. To be solvent and have a degree of liquidity to pay for basic services, there can be packages that are funded through superannuation savings, property sales, stock options or other strategies that will help to financially support such a plan from being enacted. This is a topic of discussion that should be between the individual, their partner or close family members to decide on the best course of action.


Review The Retirement Plan

Participants who are in the midst of reviewing their nursing home costs are essentially re-purposing their retirement plan. From dealing with mortgages and handing over key asset possessions, superannuation accounts, stakes in companies and stock portfolio options to filing and signing crucial legal documents, this is a process that will encompass all of these details. If a strategy has been formulated or there is a complete lack of a vision, then the retirement plan has to be designed to meet the objectives of the individual.


Identify Key Programs & Packages

The good news for Australian citizens who are trying to manage nursing home costs is that they can access a range of support packages that will help to offset the short-term financial concerns. This can include the Home Care Package (HCP), the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) and other initiatives that are delivered around short and long-term care options. To understand whether or not a recipient is eligible for such a program, they have to engage these departments directly, talk with them about basic eligibility criteria and if there is scope to proceed, finally completing an official application form.


Seek Professional Assistance

The most effective strategy that clients can take to manage their nursing home costs is to hire the services of an advisor to oversee the entire process. When there are gaps in the knowledge and a lack of understanding and clarity about the machinations of transitioning to residential aged care, these specialists will apply their skills and experience to help guide the participant through these avenues. They will come equipped with their connections and affiliations in the industry, outlining what is considered best practice, what avenues will return the best outcomes and how to minimise any potential exposure.


Is It Better To Buy Australia Bongs Than To Order Them In From Overseas?


In modern times, more and more people are waking up to important issues around the globe, one of which is climate change. People are understanding the implications of what humans have done to the earth and are infuriated by the fact that most governments won’t even acknowledge this let alone implement simple policies that will help put an end to this. And so, people have to take this challenge upon themselves and do their own research and do their best to be a conscious consumer.

What people will often find that when they start to do research, they will begin to understand that most things are produced off-shore, meaning that most things are created in countries such as China as their workers are able to work for less. As it is so cheap to create products over there, most countries purchase these cheap products from them as it is easier than making it themselves. This leads to things such as less jobs for people in this country which is why some people may be wondering if it is better to buy Australia bongs than to order them in from overseas.


If people are wanting to purchase Australia bongs instead of ordering them in from overseas, the chances are that they will have to pay more

One of the many reasons why people tend to order things in from overseas is because they tend to pay far less for things. This may not be the best thing, however, as the working conditions of the people who are making these things might not be the best. Furthermore, it costs precious resources to have said things flown in or sent over via boat. On top of all of this, it will often take a long time for people to receive their order when they do this and they are increasing the chances that their item will get lost or damaged along the way.

As this is the case, it is often easier for people to purchase Australia bongs as they are likely purchasing from a trusted seller. The only thing is that people will likely have to pay a little bit more for this peace of mind which in the long run, seems to be totally worthwhile for the local economy and the environment.


Even when people buy Australia bongs they are likely important from overseas anyway

What it is important for people to know is that even when they do purchase Australia bongs the chances are that the store they are purchasing them from has, in fact, ordered in their stock from overseas. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing it just means that people need to be aware of this as many will assume that local businesses are purchasing their stock from other local businesses. When people are still trying to do the right thing by the economy, they are still putting their money in the hands of local businesses when they purchase from them no matter where they originally purchased their stock from.

While some will be disheartened to learn that they might not be able to find a product that is manufactured in their own country, they are still able to do as much research as possible to find out where the products are made and if the workers are treated fairly. Furthermore, people can always think of other ways to invest in their local economy such as shopping at farmers markets instead of grocery stores or simply by reducing how much they order from overseas.


Key Components Required For Scaffoldings

There are some basic components and accessories that often go underappreciated and undervalued with using scaffoldings.

Operators will understand that there are three distinct categories in this industry, outlined by brands built into the ground, suspended in the air or supported via an apparatus.

Irrespective of what classification this is or where the design will be positioned for a development project, they have to be erected with the highest of safety standards.

Workplace accidents cause injury and death with falls from these structures being a common concern for builders, developers and even at home DIY operators.

Here we will take stock of some of the key components necessary to make these items sound and above board.


Adjustable Base Plates

A degree of flexibility working on a terrain can be just the tonic for professional operators maneuvering through scaffoldings on a work site. This is where the adjustable base plate becomes particularly valuable, providing the user with the option of adjusting the base plate position when there is a hazard or when the level has altered.



The base plates with scaffoldings will require support, weight and structure. This is where the standards come into play. Also going by the title of ‘uprights,’ they are utilised to shift the structure’s weight towards the ground by sitting against the base plate. They are a fundamental element that tie the entire framework neatly together.



No item is ever sourced in isolation when it comes to erecting scaffoldings. For the standards to maintain their position as they support the base plate, they will require ledgers – tubes that link the standards in place.



Linking the standards, ledgers and boards together for the scaffold to maintain its strength and integrity are the transoms. These goodies will need to be positioned at just the right angle to ensure that enough support is guaranteed and the professional operators can freely maneuver on site without fear of collapse.



For men and women to be supported by the weight and switch from position A to position B within scaffoldings, they need planks. These are less subtle accessories and more mandatory purchases that ensure there is no accident on site. Also classified as ‘decks’ in some professional circles, they can be sourced in a variety of materials to work in accordance with the nature of the scaffold design.


Scaffold Tubes

The tubes that are utilised within scaffoldings are one of the standout items. A vast majority of professional operators and tradesmen will leverage steel or aluminium designs due to their cost effectiveness and ease of acquisition. However, there are other materials of tubes that can be sourced in this market. This will include polyester or glass fibre – brands that are brought into play when the terrain and environment requires additional assistance.



For the tubes to actually hold in place and ensure they are not compromised, scaffold couplers are able to bind them together. They can be sourced for a variety of brands, but will most often be acquired through right-angle couplers, swivel couplers and putlog couplers. The majority of these products are user-friendly and simple to apply, but they need to be properly fitted to maintain the integrity of the tubes on the design.


These key components used for scaffoldings will be easily understood and valued for professional operators who have extensive experience erecting and dismantling the items. The best course of action for newcomers and inexperienced practitioners is to speak to the experts in the industry and obtain their reviews and recommendations. Costs can be saved, but it should not be at the expense of covering for key safety measures.


A Beginner’s Guide On Rubbish Removal In Sydney

garbage trucks

Throughout the course of our lives, we accumulate a lot of junk and rubbish. After years and years, the piles of old items can become a bit of eyesore, and more importantly, take up a lot of space. Remember when you used to be able to park your cars in the garage? It probably feels like it’s been years (that’s probably because it has). Well, it’s only natural that you would want your home in the heart of Sydney to be clean, open and spacious. So, if you’re looking at ways to declutter your home and be rid of all that useless junk sitting in your garage, attic or spare room, here’s a quick overview on hiring rubbish removal services in Sydney.


What do you want to get rid of?

The first thing you need to do is organise all your rubbish and junk. There might be things you wish to keep because of the emotional, sentimental or practical value they bring. Old school photo albums of your children are a must, whereas your old lawnmower that doesn’t work can probably be tossed out.

To make things easier, sort your rubbish into three distinct categories: “keep”, “toss” and an “undecided.” Once you have organised your three categories, it’s time to begin organising your rubbish removal in Sydney.


How large does your container need to be?

Once you have gauged how much rubbish you need to remove from your property, you can start looking at different container sizes.


You also need to make sure that you have enough space on your property to properly house the container. If you only need one of the smaller containers for your rubbish removal in Sydney, the space requirements shouldn’t be too much of a concern. However, the larger containers can be tough to manage, so make sure there is adequate space on your property for a delivery truck to drop the container off and collect it later.


Organise a delivery and collection time

Make sure that you and the company have a set time when the container will be delivered and dropped off. This allows you adequate time to plan and prepare efficiently for the task ahead. When organising the timings and the container size with the company, make sure that you ask for hinged-door rubbish removal in Sydney if you have heavy items you wish to move. Anything like large furniture, old fridges or washing machines can be very heavy to lift and carry. Make sure your container has a hinged-door, so you can simply use a wheelbarrow to place your items into the container. You don’t want to hurt yourself by bending your back forwards all day.


Ask for help if needed

If you think you will need help with your rubbish removal in Sydney, don’t be afraid to ask. Ask family or friends to see if they are available to help for the afternoon or just a few hours on the weekend. It will make the whole process run a lot smoother, saving you time and money. Make sure you pay your friends back with a night out or a nice dinner.


Back to the piles

So, all the rubbish in the “toss” pile should go into the rubbish removal in Sydney. Check the “undecided” pile one last time to see if there is anything worth tossing or keeping. If you still don’t have enough room for what is leftover, consider hiring a self-storage unit to house the rest of your items. In the long run, rental costs are cheap and it’s easy to quickly head to your local self-storage unit and find the item you might need (should it be needed again).

If you think you could benefit from rubbish removal in Sydney, don’t hesitate and get in touch with your local provider of rubbish removal services.


Best Guitarists Ever – Top Ten List


There are many legends in music, but there’s always something badass about guitarists. The silky smooth finger movement, the sophisticated melodies, even the pose, it’s almost unfair that they hog all the spotlight!

In this article, we’ll go through some of the greatest guitarists ever.

1. Eddie Van Halen

Unanimously known for his involvement with Van Halen, Eddie Van Halen, along with his brothers Alex Van Halen and Wolfgang Van Halen, were introduced to the world of music when they approached the age of six. Although Van Halen couldn’t read music, he caught on by watching and learning.

2. Jimmy Page

The Led Zeppelin guitarist first came across a guitar when he was 12 years old. He found the guitar inside the house that they were relocating to. Elvis Presley and Scotty Moore are some of his influences

3. Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix is quite possibly the greatest guitarist of all time. He was one of the first guitarists to employ amplifier feedback as a style. He was also the first artist to make full use of stereophonic phasing in his recordings. He influenced many guitarists of his time such as Slash.

4.  Slash

Lead guitarist of the iconic Guns ‘n’ Roses, Slash’s stature as a modern great is ever increasing. He has even made three solo albums; Apocalyptic Love, World on Fire and Slash.

5. Eric Clapton

top guitarist

Eric Clapton is a three-time hall of famer, an honour that he doesn’t share with anybody else. Clapton was inducted initially as a solo artist, and later twice for being a member of the bands, Yardbirds and Cream.

6. Angus Young

Angus Young is the co-founder of the iconic Australian band AC/DC. A hall of famer himself along with his fellow band members, his tryst with music was when he started playing a six-string banjo after dropping out of school at the age of 15.

7.  Kirk Hammett

Kirk Hammett joined Metallica in the year 1983 after forming and naming Exodus. As a child, Hammett was drawn to the horror genre, and it wasn’t long before he started saving up for horror magazine. After listening to the music of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin among others, he began saving up for music magazines instead.

8. David Gilmour

A prominent figure of the legendary Pink Floyd, David Gilmour was ushered into the world of music after being encouraged by his parents. He bought his first single ever in 1954. It was Bill Haley’s “Rock Around the Clock”. After hearing works by Elvis Presley, he decided to try his hand at playing the guitar.

9.  Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray Vaughan dropped out of school in the year 1971 and played with many bands after moving to Austin. The Blues Foundation in the year 1984 named him Entertainer of the Year as well as the Blues Instrumentalist of the Year.


10.  Dimebag Darrell


Dimebag Darrell was the co-founder of bands such as Pantera and Damageplan. He co-founded Damageplan with Vinnie Paul, his brother.